Chanakya Ideas was envisaged as the comprehensive provider of entire array of creative solutions tailored for businesses from under one roof. Since our genesis in 2016, we have consistently strived to raise the bar of our services by keeping pace with contemporary advances in technology and changing sentiments and demands of our esteemed clients. With our indefatigable and passionate pursuance of excellence, we have ensconced our venture as the leading service provider among mainstream market players.

Public service Ads

We have the entire array of resources and skilled professionals who can make trenchant public service ads with flair. If your intention is to generate public awareness or spread a social message, inspire people to subscribe to life saving services, make them conversant with governmental policies, seek people’s participation in particular social drive or just grab public’s attention, we will help you in creating incisive ads. Our cinematographers have illustrious backgrounds in the field of ad making and this experience would be optimally brought in to make effective ads to articulate your public service messages. Contact us now for more information.